Saturday, December 12, 2009

Naples Zoo (aka Jungle Larry's) October 2009

For all of you that remember Jungle Larry who used to visit Cedar Point every year back in the day - he had a yearlong facility in Naples. A few years ago, the facility was changed to Naples Zoo, although it is still owned and operated by the same family (Jungle Larry has sadly passed on). The zoo is small, but probably pretty appropriate for a city the size of Naples that is primarly retirees. One of the major highlights is their monkey displays.

There are a number of islands and each group of monkeys has an island. There are boats that move you around the lake and explain the different types of monkeys. There are also feeding and keeper talks about there juvenile lions, leopards & bears. The bear habitiat was really well done, but I didn't get any pictures

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Christina Baldwin said...

Holy carp - I can't believe how many things you saw this time!! So cool!!