Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bok Tower Gardens Oct 2009

Bok Gardens is this beautiful botanical gardens in central Florida that has a large bell tower as its centerpiece. I'd heard interesting things about it and since I'm now unemployed, I thought I'd try it out. The opportunities to take incredible photographs are around every corner - the place is gorgeous. The tower alone is a work of art. Its made from sandstone & marble (I think) and the ornaments at the

top are hand carved. The front door has 26 individual pictures into the gold material (can't remember what it was). My personal favorite was the iron works (having seen how those are made in Memphis, it makes me that much more appreciative of the work that went into it. Its surounded by a moat, there is a pond, flowers, swans, and just all kinds of cool things. It's also at an oddly high point (possibly the highest point in Florida) and the views are fantastic. Scattered around the grounds are some individual sculptures. Worth the effort if you are into pretty pictures, or gardens in general.

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