Monday, May 10, 2010

San Diego Zoo - Dec 2009

The San Diego Zoo is a treat to anyone who enjoys zoos, animals, incredible landscaping or has any interest in sciences. They are a world ranked zoo, but they are also a world ranked botanical garden and stress education through out the park. If you have a favorite, they are sure to have a beautiful place for you to sit and watch. The zoo is huge. I struggled to see it all in one trip and was almost successful (but not quite). I highly suggest for anyone going, you need to plan 2 days to do it comfortably. One day is just not enough.

Even in December, there were plenty of babies at the zoo. The panda pictured is fairly young - and they had a week old infant that you could view via monitor. There was a 2 day old giraffe that is just adorable. A pair of New Guinea Singing Dogs had three puppies that I wanted to roll around with (except that whole - they really are wild animals thing). The San Diego Zoo has a very successful breeding program for the California Condor and were - in large part- responsible for the successful population in the wild. Because they are being released, they have no human contact (except for the momma condor hand puppets) but there were plenty of adults that weren't able to survive in the wild for viewing. I arrived just in time to watch them eat lunch.

Have I mentioned how much I love my camera...

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