Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weeki Wachi January 25, 2009

Finally made it to Weeki Wachee. During the winter season you get off season rates, less crowds and the water park (which probably keeps the place in business financially) is closed. In January, I love Weeki Wachi. The cost of admission gets you a ride on the Weeki Wachi river in a nice little boat, animal shows, mermaid shows and a number of corny photo ops made out of plywood and pant. The boat ride was fantasic! I took a thousand pictures and could have loaded them all on this sight. The water is clear, there is vast vegatation and tons of birds. I liked the boat ride so much I took it twice. Feel free to click on any of the photos for enlargement.

The mermaid shows were a bit corny but the girls are very talented. They carry hoses that are connected to an air pump. The act, dance, swim, and lip sync underwater for about 20 minutes using only the air hoses. It's pretty impressive. The underwater stage is actually part of the springs, so although it's been modified, there are still fish and turtles that swim in during the show. Occasionally a manatee will wander in midshow and the girls will have to work around it.

Off season, this place gets two thumbs up from me. On season, I'm sure I would hate it. If any of you go, be sure to take an early afternoon (late morning) boat ride to get the best light.

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