Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A day in Savannah

Sunday led me to Savannah with Carla. Carla has a bunch of time off for the holidays and I have very little, so we just went for the day. We started off with a Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil tour. Our guide Rebecca had first hand knowledge of all the charactors in the book and probably spilled more secrets than she should, but it was an excellent tour. And Carla and I love knowing all those secrets.

The tour led us to the Bonaventure Cemetery where we got to see some great works of art and some semi-famous gravestones. The last time I took this tour, our tour guide spent a lot of time showing us the work of John Walz throughout the town, but primarily in the cemetery. This time we focused more on the people from the book. At least the talking part was. We still spent a little time at the cemetery and I got some great pictures. Also learned a little about gravesites. A woman holding a wreath means that she had children. If the wreath has fallen from the womans hands, it means that she had no children and died unfullfilled (or happy and sane, depending on how you look at it). An oblisk is only located on the graves of men (huge surprise) and a broken pillar represents a life cut short.

After the tour, we ended up on River Street where we had a few drinks and a fantastic lunch. We did a little shopping and both ended up with a t-shirt and a book. The book is by The Lady Chablis and its called “Hide my Candy”, lol. For those of you that read the Midnight in the Garden book, you should find this funny. If you haven’t read it, you should.

We stuck around long enough for a ghost tour. It was the worst ghost tour I’ve ever taken. I don’t think it takes a huge amount of talent to lead a ghost tour, but you do need to be a decent story teller. After all, that is why we take the tour – to hear the stories. Needless to stay, our tour guide had no talent whatsoever. We bailed when the tour got close to our parking garage. It sucks that we waited around for it when we still had to drive back to Tampa. When I say ‘we’ I mean Carla, cause I slept the whole way, lol.


Redd Family History said...

Memories of when we went. I haven't been since then so I need to get back. I'd love to take another "Midnight" tour. Sorry the ghost tour sucked because I know you enjoy those those. Let me know how the book is because I haven't read that one. Midnight is great though and I'll probably want to reread it now. Like I have nothing else to read in addition to the 3 I have going now.

Christina Baldwin said...

Oh I really want to visit Savannah!!! The Lady Chablis comment was too funny :) I remember you bought me the Midnight book when we got back from the cruise - good times :)