Friday, November 7, 2008

Michael Crichton is Dead

My dad told me on Wednesday. I was so much in shock that I immediately blocked it out for almost 48 hours. It couldn't possibly be true. I'm sure dad misread it, or maybe there is some other Michael Crichton out there that died. He was only 66 and I hadn't got my chance to meet him yet. I hadn't had a chance to thank him for being one of the best teachers I've ever had. I never got a chance to thank him for helping me think outside the box. I never got to thank him for allowing me to dream BIG. He was my idol. He was my teacher. He was my mentor. And he never even knew my name. I wonder how many other people he touched in that same way. How many other minds were expanded by his writings. How many other people had life altering experiences because this man lived. I wonder if he knew how much he touched and changed peoples lives.
I was 21 the first time I read a Michael Crighton book. At the time Jurassic Park was on the best seller list, but oddly that wasn't the book that introduced me into his world. It was "Travels" a sort of biography. An exploration of himself and the world that he lived in. Through "Travels" I found a soul mate. Someone who's brain works much the same as mine. An insatiable mind with interests in everything and a constant search for the truth. Someone of high moral fiber. Someone who thought things threw thoroughly. Only he was so much better at it than me. Course the off-the-charts IQ probably helped that a lot, lol. I used to read that book every year. Maybe I'll start doing it again. It helps keep me on the right path.

I tried to find out if there was going to be a public memorial. I feel like I should be there. Even though he didn't know me. His family doesn't know me. But I feel like I knew him. Or at least a part of him. I would have liked to have paid my respects. The family is keeping it small though. Private affair. I can respect that. So I guess I'll have to make due with my little personal memorial here in my blog. I'll cry my tears. Start re-reading Travels again. And do my best to be the person he inspired me to be when I was 21.

RIP Michael Crighton, you will be missed.

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Christina Baldwin said...

I opened up my computer last week, and on the front page was "Michael Crichton daed". I stared at the computer, then looked around for someone to validate that I wasn't in a twilight zone episode, then looked at my computer again, then though immediately of how upset you would be. SOOOO sad!!!