Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Mounds House on Estero Island

This is the Mound House on Estero Island. I thought it would be something pretty cool, but when I got there the visuals were pretty dull. However, the history is kind of cool, even if there isn't much to look at. This location hosted the first house on Estero Island and it sits on an old Calusa mound. For all who are unfamiliar with the Calusa people - they were the originally inhabitants of Florida. They've found evidence of villages and mounds buildings dating back to 4000 BCE. The mounds on which this house sits on was started approximately 100 BCE. It is thought that the Calusas abandoned the Estero Island Mound approximately 700 CE. In 1906 the first Europeans settled here building a small tudor cottage. In 1909 a brick bungalow was added to the collage and in 1921 it was expanded. The city is currently working to bring the house back to its 1921 glory. In the meantime, its a pretty dull place to visit.


kenan and tree said...

Love the tree picture! Gorgeous. Some of your pics i can't click on though. What's up with that?

Redd Family History said...

What happened to the house? Just neglect or was it hurricane related? Any idea what will be done once restoration is complete?

World of Kris said...

Kenan & Tree - The tree was incredible. I was thinking of you when I saw it and knew I had to get a decent picture of it. I don't know why you can't click on all the pictures. I didn't do anything different this time, weird.

Redd Family History - I didn't see the house before they started on construction and they didn't really go into it much in the information guides. I don't know if the house was actually damaged or neglected or had just been modified by additional families so much that it was no longer historical. Since the city purchased it they just decided to model it after the earlier part of the century. I think the mound itself is far more interesting than the house, and I suspect construction is going slow because no one really wants to donate huge amounts of cash to a house that really isn't that interesting. I figure once restoration is complete they will probably do tours of the house. They'll probably furnish it to the 1920's and turn it into a historical site - but that is just speculation on my end.